Contracting after Brexit:
How to thrive in uncertain times

Brexit will bring change, and with change comes opportunities and challenges for UK contractors and consultants. Now is the time to reflect, prepare and ensure you're in the best possible position to thrive during and after Brexit.

Last update: 27th October 2016

Market watch

The number of new contractors entering the market dropped by 32.5% in the week before the EU referendum (held in week 25), and remained depressed in the three weeks following.

The market has returned to pre-referendum levels and is generally healthy.

Contractor mortgages: fallacy or reality?

Guest Tips

It’s a common conception, among independent professionals, that getting a mortgage is an arduous process filled with red tape and hoop jumping; especially in the current uncertain times. However, securing a mortgage as a contractor might be less challenging than you think. To find out more about contractor mortgages, we sought the help of some local experts.

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Contractor Mortgages

Working internationally

Contractors and consultants: working internationally


One of the major benefits for independent professionals, such as contractors and freelancers, is the additional flexibility their roles offer. As technology continues to evolve, more and more professionals are moving away from the usual on-site commitments to work remotely. Working remotely needn’t be short-listed to UK clients. Digital contracts can connect you with clients all over the world, or even allow you to move your base abroad.

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7 key tips for securing your next contract


Remaining in contract and ensuring a steady work rate for the future can be a constant mission for independent professionals. All contractors can benefit from ensuring they are the most employable they can be. Here we take a look at 7 top tips to help you attract new business and win more contracts.

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Securing your next contract


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