Jake Turner Account Manager

Jake is a key part of our Account Management team. He helps to support our ever growing customer base.

Jake’s always on hand to help our clients with fast, friendly advice – no matter how big or small their query. He hopes to become a chartered accountant eventually.

He’s great because…

He joined inni straight from sixth form where he studied maths, physics and biology. He’s a bright button, and he’s looking forward to starting further studies for his AAT and ACCA. Being fresh to the workplace, he brings new ideas and bright thinking. His passion for great customer service (which he gained from part-time jobs in hospitality) has gone a long way.

When he’s not supporting our clients…

He’ll be doing something active; either cycling, running or skateboarding. Jake also loves writing his blog, doing something creative, photography and training gundogs.

Jake Turner
“Jake’s very attentive, well organised and a keen learner. He has a reputation for great customer service amongst his clients.”