Isn’t it time your spreadsheet based accounting system became extinct?

Spreadsheets and manual entry? Move over. Accountancy has changed. Sadly, many accounting services are still prehistoric; charging more and more for an old fashioned, deteriorating service.

But there’s a better way to manage your accounts; the inniAccounts way.















Say goodbye to fossilised accountants

Unlike other accounting systems, the inniAccounts software is tailored for independent professionals and designed to make managing your accounts online as simple as possible.

Great Value 

From as little as £77 per month. Our pricing is straightforward with no hidden surprises.

Online 24/7

See exactly where you stand financially in real time; no more waiting for monthly updates.

No more spreadsheets

We hate them too. Instead, you can manage all of your business accounts in one place.

Advanced technology

To make our service easy to use; with all the functionality you need. Recording your expenses, raising invoices, issuing dividends and bookkeeping.

Dedicated Account Manager

There to help you with any queries by phone or email. Our staff receive expert training which ensures you always receive a great service.

Join thousands of satisfied inniAccounts clients

Jason Lycett

Project & programme manager

“I didn’t want to just let someone else totally control my business as I like to make decisions myself. I wanted to have visibility and control of my accounts. With inniAccounts you have compete visibility of your business without having to get bogged down in the detail.”

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Jude Bliss

Web development agency

“We outsourced all our accountancy needs to inniAccounts and the monthly fee’s already covered by the tax we’ve saved. It’s reduced the stress of running the company finances enormously and it takes me an hour or so at most to keep our finances up to date each month.”

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Merv Chivers

IT consultant

“The fast and informed responses to my questions were a very pleasant surprise. The peace of mind, software and ongoing personal support makes inniAccounts the right choice for if you want to keep more of your free time while running your own company.

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Get out of the Jurassic Period

Why put up with poor service and high prices? We make it as easy as possible to transfer to inniAccounts with our exclusive migratition service.

No migration fees

Unlike our competitors, if you sign up in the first quarter of this financial year we’ll waive the fees.

Simple signup process

Sign up online or drop us a call. We’ll get in touch with your current accountant and take care of the rest.

First month free

So you don’t end up paying two accountants during the handover period.

Don’t put up with poor service and high prices

Sign up for inniAccounts now. Still undecided? Try the demo for yourself here, or get in touch and we’ll answer any questions you have. Call 0800 033 7827, or email us