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Important note: these questions and answers are specific to inniAccounts clients onlyPlease don’t fill out these forms if we’re not your accountant!

How do I defer my VAT?

  1. Cancel your VAT direct debit
  2. Notify us using this form

How do I pay myself or my employees’ statutory sick pay for self-isolation?

  1. Make a request using this form

How do I reclaim statutory sick pay?

  1. We can see if you’re paying SSP and we’ll get in touch with you when we know more

How do I furlough myself?

  1. Calculate the allowable salary and decide how much you will pay yourself (see below)
  2. Write a letter to yourself confirming this – see this page for details
  3. Set your payroll to the correct amount (see below)
  4. Notify us using this form

How do I furlough my employees or other directors?

  1. Discuss your intentions with your employees, and explain what you’re doing, and why
  2. Calculate the allowable salary and decide how much you will pay them (see below)
  3. Write them a letter confirming they will be furloughed – see this page for details
  4. Set their payroll to the agreed figure (see below)
  5. Notify us using this form

How do I calculate the allowable salary for furloughing?

  1. If you pay yourself/your employees a regular salary each month, you will be repaid 80% of this. 
  2. If your/your employees’ pay varies it will be the higher of either the same month’s income from the previous year, or the averaged monthly earnings for the 2019/20 tax year. 
    1. You can view payslips by tax year in the payroll section of the software – just ensure you’re in the 19/20 tax year in the drop-down on the right hand side. 
    2. Calculate the total of pay over the tax year and divide by 12 to get a monthly average.
  3. To calculate 80% of the figure, simply multiply it by 0.8.

How do I change the salary level for furloughed employees?

  1. Enter the “Withdrawals” and “Payroll” section of the software
  2. Select “Preview payslip”
  3. Click on the pencil next to the salary figure
  4. Enter the amount of furlough pay
  5. Select “apply” and the “save” the payslip

How do I reclaim furloughed salaries?

  1. We don’t yet know the process to reclaim furloughed salaries. Make sure you’ve notified us using this form that you’re furloughing and we will contact you when we know how

How do I defer my self-assessment payment?

  1. Simply skip your next payment on account (due in July)
  2. Notify us using this form

How do I ask HMRC for more time to pay my corporation tax bill?

  1. Call us on 01332 460010 or fill out this form and we’ll help you gather the information you need
  2. Call HMRC on 0800 024 1222
  3. Call us again or fill out this form and let us know the outcome of your conversation

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