How to prep for a guilt-free holiday

For the most part, being a contractor or freelancer affords greater flexibility in your work patterns. Yet a vast majority of contractors are guilty of not taking a break or even worse of feeling guilty when they do. Our Senior Accountant Chris takes a look at how formulating a strategy for your holidays can ensure your business continues to thrive while you enjoy a guilt-free vacation.

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4 things to know about working internationally

One of the major benefits of working as a contractor or freelancer, is the additional flexibility it offers. As technology continues to evolve, more and more professionals are moving away from traditional on-site commitments to working remotely – allowing you to connect you with clients all over the world, or even to move your base abroad.

Written by Kaitlyn Gibson on

Make your passion part of your grand plan

Grand Plan

Inspired by the Tour de France and a love of cycling? Dreaming of a little workshop where you can do the things you love every day? A growing number of contractors and freelancers are working as part of a grand plan. Our clients regularly share with us their designs to diversify their contracts, to move into a different sector, or frequently to pursue a passion and turn it into a viable business.

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Contractors and consultants: how will Brexit affect me?

How will Brexit affect contractors and consultants?

There is still significant confusion about what the EU referendum vote could mean for the country as a whole; let alone for contractors and consultants. We take a look at at the potential positives, negatives and uncertainties that may affect contractors and consultants following the Brexit vote.

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