New dividend tax changes from 6th April 2016

Some contractors are even asking if it is financially viable to work for themselves with all the changes and if the dividend tax will wipe out any financial benefits gained by working for yourself. In this article, we’ll give you the facts around the dividend tax changes as well as some examples to show you […]

In the news: Capital Gains Tax – a timely guide for contractors

What is Capital Gains Tax and when does it apply? Capital Gains Tax (CGT) was first introduced back in 1965 by James Callaghan, the-then chancellor in Harold Wilson’s Labour government. The original aim was to prevent tax avoidance in the form of people switching their income into capital. With the Summer 2015 Budget around the […]

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Mining Bitcoins through your limited company

How to mine bitcoins through your company

It’s straightforward to start mining your own Bitcoins – all you need to do is run a freely available mining application on your computer. However, this is not a fast-track to endless financial rewards. The mathematical problems involved in mining Bitcoins are extremely complex. To solve them requires a large amount of computing power and […]

Bitcoins: a tax guide for UK businesses

Bitcoins: a tax guide for UK businesses – inniAccounts

What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralised, electronic currency. This means it’s not controlled by a central bank, and it doesn’t exist as a physical currency. Despite these subtle differences, it acts in a manner similar to a regular currency: you can exchange your money for Bitcoins, and vice versa, in much the same way […]

Budget 2014 impact on contractors and small businesses

Personal tax The 2014 budget brings good news to most individuals: tax thresholds are increasing, child care relief is more generous than expected and there’s more flexibility for your savings and pension pot. From 6th April 2014 the amount you can earn without paying tax has increased £560 to £10,000. The point at which you […]

£2,000 National Insurance Allowance has limited benefits for Contractors

The benefit of this £2,000 allowance is limited for low-salary employees If you’re currently paying yourself a low salary combined with dividend payments, you may not benefit fully from this £2,000 allowance. This is because it’s unlikely that you’re currently paying a large amount of National Insurance, and increasing your salary to take advantage of […]

You’re now entering RTI nirvana


Our recently launched automated payroll feature takes care of the heavy RTI lifting: it automatically issues our clients’ payslips each month, and sends a copy directly to HMRC, electronically. This means our clients can relax – every month our app will create their payslips, repay any expenses, make the correct tax and National Insurance deductions […]

HMRC’s Real Time Information (RTI)

You may have received a letter from HMRC introducing RTI. RTI means that from April 2013 we must tell HMRC about your income tax and National Insurance deductions each time you create a payslip, rather than waiting until the end of the year. This information will be sent to HMRC electronically, directly from the inniAccounts […]

HMRC error costs 12,000 tax payers a £100 fine

HMRC error costs 12,000 tax payers a £100 fine

This week we’ve learnt that HMRC has apologised to over 12,000 tax payers who were incorrectly given a £100 fine for non-filing of Self Assessment Tax Returns. HMRC’s blunder came about after 130,000 individuals were told they longer needed to complete a tax return.  Their tax affairs were simple and payments via PAYE were sufficient […]

2012 Budget: top five changes for contractors

This week we’ve reflected on George Osbourne’s third unremarkable budget and highlighted five changes which contractors need to know about.  In addition, you can download the full budget factsheet here. Tax-free allowance to increase by £630 The personal allowance for employees under 65 will increase by £630 to £8,105 per year. The starting point for […]