5 creative approaches to find contract work

5 creative approaches to find contract work

With many clients sticking to preferred suppliers and a continually growing competitive market, securing contracts and engaging new clients can feel like an impossible task as a contractor. You may not realise that there are a host of opportunities right in front of you; they just require a more creative approach to access them.

Is now a good time to start contracting?

Is now a good time to start contracting

Contracting can be a fulfilling career change; offering more flexibility, reward and with the right attitude more stability and security than a permanent role. As the UK undergoes a period of transition, now might be the perfect time to consider what changes you want to introduce to your lifestyle.

Finding contract work in 2016

Contractor Finding contract work on her laptop

The importance of keeping your pipeline full It can be easy to focus on the job in hand when you begin contacting. You’re working for a new client and you become immersed in the project you are working on. As a contractor, part of your role as your own boss is to ensure that you […]

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Surviving The Apprentice

I’ll be the first to admit that The Apprentice isn’t my usual cup of tea. It’s Dragon’s Den, or better still The Fixer which bring much warmth, comfort and hope to my autumnal evenings. However, I did tune in to The Apprentice last night, and successfully resisted the urge to post on every social media […]

Our next eBook is here: Day to day Management of Your Limited Company

Day to Day Management of Your Limited Company - eBook

Day to Day Management of Your Company is the second book in our series “Starting and Running a Successful Limited Company”. It’s specially designed to simplify the time consuming daily admin tasks related to managing your small business. We’ll show you how to equip your company for success with essential kit and online tools for efficient record keeping, expenses […]

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How to raise your rates and keep your existing clients happy

Traditionally, the year-end is the time when companies look to adjust their prices and your contractor or consultancy business should be no different. Realigning your rates with your experience, value and the market is crucial to ensure you don’t over or undervalue the service you provide to your clients; but it can strike unease into […]

Contractor, Freelancer or Entrepreneur – Who are you?

How to find out if you are contractor, freelancer or entrepreneur?

Contractors, freelancers and entrepreneurs will have a chance to get together and share experience, knowledge and inspiration on 9 June 2016 when the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed (IPSE) organises the National Freelance Day, a celebration in support of the enterprising individuals who took the step to start on their own. More details about the […]

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Exploring the nomadic lifestyle: 11 steps to location-independent heaven

With a bit more research and planning you’ll be able to avoid the common pitfalls and be packing your case in no time. By making some prudent choices up front, you’ll ensure your trip is successful, productive and a life-changing experience. Eleven things to get right This is your eleven-step plan to location-independent living. Take […]

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Combine travel with freelancing: discover the world as a digital nomad

We’re naturally self-sufficient and adventurous; otherwise we’d still be on the 9-5 circuit. How about taking things a step further? If you work remotely, communicate with your clients online and over the phone why not do a spot of travelling and treat yourself to a change of scene? As advocates of the digital nomad and […]

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