Why cloud based accounting is ideal for independent professionals

Cloud based accounting

On average, contractors, consultants and other independent professionals spend over 110 hours per year on their accounts. That’s a lot of time to spend on fiddly administration when you could be working on contracts, finding new clients or simply enjoying the time instead. Thankfully, with the right tools at your disposal, managing your accounts has never been simpler.

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What’s your grand plan?

What’s your grand plan?

A growing proportion of us – contractors and freelancers are contracting as part of grand plan. So the big question today is what’s your grand plan? As contractors and freelancers, we’re an innovative bunch – always looking to find new contracts and emerging niches within our specialisms to move into.

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Contractor mortgages: fallacy or reality?

Contractor Mortgages

It’s a common conception, among independent professionals, that getting a mortgage is an arduous process filled with red tape and hoop jumping; especially in the current uncertain times. However, securing a mortgage as a contractor might be less challenging than you think. To find out more about contractor mortgages, we sought the help of some local experts.

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Between contracts: surviving as a contractor


Finding yourself between contracts can be an intimidating experience. The fear of being stuck between contracts can lead to many a sleepless night and potentially poor professional decisions. We take a look at five top ways to maintain your productivity (and sanity) when you find yourself between contracts.

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Build resilience and ease “brex-stress” with mindfulness

Build resilience with mindfulness

The dominant fallout following Brexit is fear of employment change and with that, skyrocketing stress. With companies hesitant to extend contracts and looking to rein in costs, independent contractors and other self-employed professionals are left wondering how they will survive. In this guest post, bestselling author Laurie Seymour shares her tips on building personal resilience in times of change.

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How to build your contractor war chest

Building your war chest

As an independent professional, at some point or another, you will likely find yourself between contracts. To manage these occasional slow downs as well as any necessary large scale purchases, holiday time and sickness – you need to build and strengthen your war chest.

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Redundancy to contracting: becoming your own boss

Redundancy to contracting - becoming your own boss

At some point in our working lives, many of us will worry about the prospect of redundancy. Being made redundant doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your career. Instead, it could lead to new and rewarding opportunities. We pose five top questions that we think anyone considering contracting after redundancy should ask themselves.

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5 creative approaches to find contract work

5 creative approaches to find contract work

With many clients sticking to preferred suppliers and a continually growing competitive market, securing contracts and engaging new clients can feel like an impossible task as a contractor. You may not realise that there are a host of opportunities right in front of you; they just require a more creative approach to access them.

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Is now a good time to start contracting?

Is now a good time to start contracting

Contracting can be a fulfilling career change; offering more flexibility, reward and with the right attitude more stability and security than a permanent role. As the UK undergoes a period of transition, now might be the perfect time to consider what changes you want to introduce to your lifestyle.

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Finding contract work in 2016

Contractor Finding contract work on her laptop

The importance of keeping your pipeline full It can be easy to focus on the job in hand when you begin contacting. You’re working for a new client and you become immersed in the project you are working on. As a contractor, part of your role as your own boss is to ensure that you […]

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