In the news: How To Build A Business In Eight Chapters

A good business idea is often born out of frustration. Think of inferior products and services that suck up your time and money every day for little or no satisfaction in return. Do your research and you might find you’re not alone. With a sound idea and hard work your business can go far. If James was to write a book on […]

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In the news: Disruptive influence: How James Poyser of inniAccounts proved establishment wrong

In his interview inniAccounts co-founder James Poyser reveals how the company faced down the doubters, and how his life experience has informed his management style.  James describes his management philosophy as: “Constantly incrementing – I’m always pushing forward, one small change at a time.” Read the full interview and discover 20 more interesting facts about inniAccounts’ Sales […]

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In the news: Are university degrees losing their value?

Apprenticeships and on the job training are progressively seen as acceptable alternatives to A-levels and further educations degrees. When can the true ambition of a school-leaver outweigh a prestigious university degree when it comes to hiring new talent? Our co-founder James Poyser points out why university can be a costly choice for young people seeking employment and illuminates alternative routes available in companies […]

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In the news: Entrepreneurs Comment On A Surprise Election Result

Whilst the coalition has created a good environment for small businesses over the last five years, there’s more the next government can do. James Poyser, one of inniAccounts’ co-founders, shares his three requests for small businesses. 1) Help young people enter the workforce by actively promoting the alternatives to university and apprenticeships, and helping them to […]

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Our mini-manifesto for scale-up Britain

As a founding member of a successful business, I can’t help but be excited by the manifestoes promising more support for UK entrepreneurs. Back in 2005 when we started inniAccounts, we were actively seeking to take advantage of everything start-up Britain had to offer. From the tax breaks through to the now defunct Business Link […]

In the news: General Election 2015: What Does The Technology Industry Want?

“As an online business, any commitment to a broadband infrastructure is welcome. Being online isn’t a differentiator anymore, it’s an entry criteria and imperative for the knowledge economy. We exchange tens of thousands of files with clients, talk to HMRC electronically and we run our hosted PBX phone system over the broadband connection. It’s integral […]

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In the news: HMRC’s latest payroll penalties start today

Here at inniAccounts we’ve been running real time payroll (RTI) successfully for two years, and we have systems and processes in place to ensure our clients don’t fall victim to HMRC’s new penalties. However, our experience shows this isn’t the case for other accountancy firms, and for business owners running their own payroll. This month, I’ve […]

In the news: What if I can’t pay VAT and corporation tax?

This is the latest contractor’s question posted in ContractorUK’s popular series. Issues like this can not only prove a huge financial challenge for the director but also endanger his future career prospects as a contractor. James Poyser, co-founder of inniAccounts, recommends prompt actions and dialog with HMRC before the debt situation goes beyond control. Find out what are the steps to take in […]