In the news: Head for the Clouds

As your company grows it requires more support and advice from your accountant. Select your supplier wisely and consider how your business relationship can affect your changing circumstances. In this post James talks you through eight important factors to consider before nominating an accountancy service for your company. You need a trusted advisor for everything from the technical day-to-day support, to advanced […]

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In the news: Budget 2015: Lots for business, little for tech

In this article on ITPro – the site for IT analyses and business insight, our co-founder James, along with other small business leaders expresses his opinion on this year’s budget reforms. See James’ comment on the apprenticeships reform, and many more comments from small business leaders in the full post on ITpro.

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In the news: Summer Budget 2015 – James joins the Enterprise Nation’s expert panel

Enterprise Nation is inviting small business owners and entrepreneurs to comment in the budget announcement in real-time today. Meet the panel and see how to join: Mark Pearson, founder, MyVoucherCodes and Fuel Ventures James Poyster, founding partner, inniAccounts Jo Sealy, director and founder, To Market Ade Awokoya, founder, East London Export Club Martin Campbell, managing director, Ormsby Street Dan Martin, head of content, Enterprise […]

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In the news: “Brexit”: An uncertainty that has divided the nation

Europhiles and sceptics paint a controversial picture of Britain outside the European Union. Supporters of EU believe in the stability the union provides for small businesses and its importance for economic growth. Opponents, on the other hand, see prosperity in a nation free of restrictions and “membership burdens”. Both parties however unite around the view […]

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In the news: General Election 2015: What Does The Technology Industry Want?

“As an online business, any commitment to a broadband infrastructure is welcome. Being online isn’t a differentiator anymore, it’s an entry criteria and imperative for the knowledge economy. We exchange tens of thousands of files with clients, talk to HMRC electronically and we run our hosted PBX phone system over the broadband connection. It’s integral […]

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In the news: HMRC’s latest payroll penalties start today

Here at inniAccounts we’ve been running real time payroll (RTI) successfully for two years, and we have systems and processes in place to ensure our clients don’t fall victim to HMRC’s new penalties. However, our experience shows this isn’t the case for other accountancy firms, and for business owners running their own payroll. This month, I’ve […]

How to raise your rates and keep your existing clients happy

Traditionally, the year-end is the time when companies look to adjust their prices and your contractor or consultancy business should be no different. Realigning your rates with your experience, value and the market is crucial to ensure you don’t over or undervalue the service you provide to your clients; but it can strike unease into […]

Update on Visa reference letters

The requirements for Visa reference letters have become more complex over the years following the introduction and subsequent future removal of the Tier 1 (General) visa category due in 2015. There are stricter criteria and proof of income required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) for other categories such as the Entrepreneur category. The change […]