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As a professional coach, we understand that your way of working requires flexibility, creativity and outside the box thinking. So why shouldn’t your accountants be the same? Take a look at how we’re specifically tailored to help coaches get the most from their limited company.

The rise and rise of professional coaching

rise of professional coaching

As a society, our values are continually shifting. With changes in the economic climate, technology having a growing impact on our lives and an increasing focus on maintaining a healthy work/life balance – more and more people are looking to alternative careers, away from the frenetic pace of big business, to provide more flexible, meaningful and fulfilling work. Professional coaching fits the bill and is becoming one of the fastest growing business models in the world today.

2018 Spring Statement Highlights

Spring statement

Philip Hammond’s delivery of the government’s first Spring Statement proved to be a short, snappy affair today. While there were no major tax and spending changes, we did get an insight into what the government will be focusing on over the next six months and a few signals of what’s likely to come in Autumn. Thankfully, there were no surprises in store for contractors and consultants.

Apprenticeships: training for the jobs of the future


It’s National Apprenticeship Week and the theme this year is ‘Apprenticeships Work’. This aims to showcase how apprenticeships are working for individuals, employers, the community and the wider economy as a whole. To celebrate, we’ve taken a quick look at how apprenticeships are working for us here at inniAccounts.

Why cloud based accounting is ideal for independent professionals

Cloud based accounting

On average, contractors, consultants and other independent professionals spend over 110 hours per year on their accounts. That’s a lot of time to spend on fiddly administration when you could be working on contracts, finding new clients or simply enjoying the time instead. Thankfully, with the right tools at your disposal, managing your accounts has never been simpler.

Off-payroll working rules: is private sector rollout incoming?

IR35, is private sector rollout incoming?

Over the last few weeks, we’ve analysed the impacts of the IR35 application changes on both the public sector and the contracting market. As we approach the end of our IR35 series, we take a look at the likelihood of the public sector application changes being rolled out to the private sector and how this might impact independent professionals and their future contracts.

IR35: Four ways to facilitate a conversation with your client / agent

According to IPSE’s latest Freelancer Confidence Index, 59% of contractors are wary of the economic conditions ahead – including significant concerns over application changes to IR35 in the public (off-payroll working rules) and, at a later date potentially, private sector. But this needn’t be the case. With a firm understanding of IR35, you can hold open conversations and negotiate your contracts to ensure you’re getting what’s best for you.

The future of public sector contracting

The future of public sector contracting

The IR35 application changes have provoked debate aplenty over the future of contractors in the public sector. Many prestigious parties have suggested these reforms would provoke a ‘mass exodus’ from the field. Six months on from April’s implementation, we take a look at the current impacts and future outlook for independent professionals.

Limited company or umbrella? What’s the best option for you?

IR35: Limited company or umbrella? What's the best option for you?

Many recruitment agencies and public sector parties appear to be applying pressure for contractors to jump ship from their limited company into the conglomerate of an umbrella. But are these requests in the best interests of independent professionals? Or the result of knee-jerk, risk averse reactions? We take a look at the reasons why your limited company remains the best option for you.

IR35 – All doom and gloom?

IR35 - All doom and gloom?

IR35 is easily one of the most hated pieces of legislation introduced for independent professionals. It’s long been considered a thorn in the side of contractors and consultants. With recent changes to IR35 in the public sector, many consider it a direct attack on their ability to retain profits and grow a business. But is it all doom and gloom for contractors and consultants here on out? We certainly don’t think so.