Kaitlyn Gibson Copywriter and Editor

Kait is our copywriting and editing wordsmith. She supports the CX team by ensuring the quality of our written communications.

Kait works behind the scenes to ensure our clients can access and easily understand any information they might need. She’s an advocate for high quality, consistency and thorough research; with a bit of fun as the cherry on top of course.

She’s great because…

She’s a law graduate with a MSc in Psychology. Coupled with her background in e-learning design and content creation, she knows how to present information in the best possible way. She has a particular eye for detail and excels at simplifying and communicating complex processes.

When she’s not checking our grammar…

She’s a freelance Instructional Designer and Copywriter. Kait can often be found at a music festival, travelling the world or simply curled up with her cat and a good book.

"Kait is passionate about her work, she enjoys a challenge and helps to ensure we still sound human when things get complex.'