Dean Foster


Dean is the guardian of inniAccounts. He provides input and vision to ensure that inniAccounts delivers a first-class customer experience.

Dean brings decades of first-hand business and contracting experience to the inniAccounts team. He’s the chairman of the board and his focus on quality and service standards is relentless. Dean has an amazing depth of knowledge and the pragmatism to deliver positive change to ensure that our clients have everything they need to make running their business as easy as possible.

He’s great because…

He’s an innovator at heart so he’s always looking for ways to do things better: hence why he created inniAccounts.  He’s been a freelance engineer since 1991 as well as working at inniAccounts so he has his ear to the ground and brings new ideas into the business to work more productively.

When he’s not making sure inniAccounts is ship shape…

He’s designing and building; from converting a caravan chassis into a trailer to carry his motorbike and compact tractor, to installing a spring water supply to his smallholding in the Northumberland hills. He’s also a property developer and likes to learn new things like operating tractors and diggers.

“He’s the mad scientist of the team. He's incredibly capable, loves engineering and his motto is ’Break it or fix it’ - which is great for a hard working perfectionist!”