Andy Stannard Senior Software Developer

Andy is our web and mobile developer. He has over a decade of experience creating websites and apps for companies including Rolls Royce and Business Link.

You’ll find Andy beavering away bringing new features to life and enhancing existing functionality in our accounting software. Andy enjoys developing inni mobile apps and putting his Swift skills to use.

He’s great because…

Andy cares deeply about the user experience, thinking about problems from the user’s perspective rather than as a technology challenge. He understands business as well as code, having won several startup competitions and taken part in a startup accelerator program.

When he’s not stuck in a coding trance…

He likes cycling and kicking people, Andy is a black belt at kick-boxing and has helped train several world champions. Andy can often be found covered in mud fiddling with his carrots down at his allotment.



Andy is well-versed in cracking the code of small business startups. He's very approachable, polite and enthusiastic about technology. His latest quirky gadget is a Raspberry Pi powered R2D2 running one of our office dashboards.