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As a leading accountancy practice, we’re often asked to comment on issues and legislation impacting contractors, consultants and small business owners. Here’s a selection of our recent press appearances.

Flexible workforce
From Minutehack
The Flexible Workforce Will Thrive Under Brexit

Brexit represents a financial windfall for the flexible workforce; they just need to sit tight, says James Poyser, CEO of inniAccounts.

From Accountancy Today
Establishing micro advisory services

James Poyser, CEO of InniAccounts says the hard work must start now

From IT Pro Portal
Making Tax Digital is as much about cultivating new skill as it is digitalisation

Making Tax Digital is a watershed moment for an industry that has been on the trailing edge of digitalisation, it will take skill to survive the future.

Digital design team discussing ideas at conference table
From Student accountant
Emotional intelligence in a digital age

Professional accountants need a whole range of emotional competencies to successfully manage the challenges of a tech-enabled world.

From Accountancy Age
Everything you need to know about IR35

Here's our complete guide to IR35 - who it affects, who it doesn't, and how to prepare clients for it

From Accountancy Age
Tech series: ‘MTD has been an absolute breeze for us’

In the latest of our interview series with tech CEOs, James Poyser of inniAccounts reveals how his digital-first practice is set to take advantage of changes in the industry

Underpinned MTD
From Under Pinned
Making sense of Making Tax Digital

The main aims of MTD are to simplify the tax process. They seek to cut out errors and provide businesses with more clarity on their standing throughout the year.

From ACCA content
Bouncing back from a fail

Failing an exam can feel like the worst thing in the world – how do you pick yourself back up? Understand what went wrong so you pass next time

From Minute Hack
A Year To Scale: What I Learnt

Laying the foundations for fast-growth isn't as exciting as it is completely necessary.

From AAT Comment
Why soft skills have become a recruitment need for accountants

Soft skills have become a recruitment need for many roles, including that of accountants. Why, in a job that deals with numbers, is communication, creative thinking, flexibility, problem-solving, critical thinking, and conflict resolution so important? Why do employers look for these skills, and how can you develop them?

James Poyser
From Accountancy Age
IR35, MTD and a greater role for technology – predictions for 2019

Technology will shape the future and 2019 will be a watershed moment for practices that fail to get MTD right. James Poyser, CEO of inniAccounts, makes his predictions for the year ahead.

From Under Pinned
The Taxman comes calling

As feared by many, the government is extending the reach of the dreaded "IR35 RULE” to the private sector. It’s likely to lead to higher tax bills for many freelancer workers in the UK.

From AAT Comment
Bridging the gap between education and career

Once you have qualified as an accountant or a bookkeeper, what should your next step be? How much training can you expect in your first job, and is there any opportunity for further study?

From Minutehack
The Budget Is A Chance To Get Things Straight For Scale Ups

Bored, frustrated, tired. Any of those words describe how I feel when I look at the deal no deal headlines. But mostly I’m concerned. Concerned that as the political game of ping pong rages on, there’s no clear plan for companies like mine.

From Enterprise Nation
What needs to be done to help scale-ups in post-Brexit Britain

Deal or no deal, it's time to start thinking about the future for SMEs. James Poyser, CEO of inniAccounts, looks at a few of the things that would make a big difference to how his scale-up will progress after Brexit.

admin drain
From Be the business
Want to rid yourself of those pesky business admin burdens? Here are some great solutions

From balancing the company books to paying utility bills, business admin can start to become a real productivity drain. However, embracing technology automating processes means this needn’t always be the case.

From Derbyshire Live
Inspirational 250: IT and technology

The IT revolution has changed the way we all work and it is still going on. The individuals in the IT and technology section of our Inspirational 250 list are those who are helping firms to react to the ever-changing business landscape and stay competitive. They also enable their clients to become more efficient as technology moves on.

From AAT Comment
The benefits of more women in leadership positions

When it comes to gender equality in accounting, the stats at an early stage are encouraging: 49% of accounting students worldwide are female. But something happens at the other end of the career spectrum, where the number of women in mid and senior-level leadership positions is very low. FRC research suggests just 15% of partners in medium-sized and Big Four firms are women.

Human vs Robots
From AAT Comment
Humans versus robots – how automation will affect you

The machines are coming. Whether we like it or not, Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live, from our homes to our computers, and from our medical treatment to the way our taxes are processed.

Old bank
From Minutehack
We Need To Talk About The Banks

British banks needs to wake up and start lending to the tech and service industries, or we’ll go the same way as manufacturing post Brexit.

From Real business
Can you describe your growing business in a haiku?

Digital numbers, Innovation’s the key, Life made hassle-free

Planning to go freelance. What you need to know about IR35?
From Talented Ladies Club
Planning to go freelance? What you need to know about IR35

Considering launching a new career as a freelancer or consultant? Here’s what you need to know about IR35 – and how to work out whether you’re in or out of it.

How to prepare for your future.
From AAT Comment
How to prepare for your future as a qualified accountant

Over the years I’ve managed my own career and helped others manage theirs. Deciding which way to go is never an easy question to answer. So much of it is about ambition and personality and it’s why I advise people to think about where they see themselves in the future.

home office expenses
From Journal of Accountancy
How accounting firms can tap into benefits of AI

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) sometimes leads to contemplation of a future in which robots will do some of the most important jobs in the world. Doctors, lawyers, and accountants would all be affected by a machine-intensive world, and it would mean the end of millions of jobs as we know them today.

Open banking
From AAT Comment
What open banking means for accountants

The introduction of open banking earlier this year marked the culmination of a push to inject fresh competition into the banking system, based around the principle of third parties being able to gain access to bank accounts, with the customer’s authority.

IR35 review
From Minutehack
IR35 Review: Don’t Choke Off The Gig Economy

As the government continues its drive for growth, it seems madness to change tax regimes and curtail the economy’s greatest source of skill.

3 tech trends
From AAT Comment
3 technology trends shaping the accounting industry

The year ahead promises much in the way of technical developments for the financial services sector, and within that for the accountancy profession.

Andrew Griffiths
From Minutehack
A Letter To Andrew Griffiths, Minister For Small Business

Andrew Griffiths’ appointment as small business minister is much needed, but he must turn words into action to succeed in his role.

From IDG Connect
Millennials talk careers: Ben Hill

In my personal experience, I’ve rarely seen a millennial who actually adheres to the stereotypes; they’re usually dedicated and focused individuals. The stereotypes themselves are fairly generic and could be applied to every generation.

Open Banking
From Forbes
A Brave New World – Will Open Banking Boost The UK Fintech Sector?

Open banking is coming to the UK. To be more precise, from January 13, 2018, Britain’s nine largest banks and one building society will be required to make customer account data available to approved rivals.

How we made it to a million
From Minutehack
How We Made It To A Million, In Three Tips

InniAccounts turned over £1m this year. Co-founder James Poyser gives three key reasons it achieved this glorious milestone.

AI - Minutehack
From Minutehack
How My Small Business Is Using AI

Artificial intelligence isn't just for global corporates and university professors; small businesses can get in on the act too.

Accountancy qualifications
From Accounting Web
Should accountancy qualifications incorporate more technology?

Computer-based examinations are becoming the norm in accountancy, but is there enough practical tech training to keep up with changes in the industry? Sooraj Shah investigates.

Budget 2017
From Independent
Budget 2017: What are the hidden nasty and nice details in Philip Hammond’s statement?

Deep in the tome that is the Budget, there are some buried bits you should probably know about.

Autumn Budget
From business advice
Autumn Budget 2017: Chancellor injects £2.5bn into the British Business Bank

Philip Hammond has committed another £2.5bn to the British Business Bank (BBB) in his Autumn Budget speech, providing a boost to UK productivity and innovation.

From People Management
HR teams warned of contractor ‘chaos’ as chancellor signals IR35 extension

Private sector businesses may have to determine employment status for freelancers after government consultation

From ContractorUK
IR35 advisers size up Autumn Budget’s big pledge

Personal service companies who contract in the private sector are the biggest losers of Autumn Budget 2017, albeit only potentially and certainly not immediately.

inniaccounts Practice Excellence Pioneer
From D2N2
inniAccounts scoops top prize as it’s named ‘Practice Excellence Pioneer’ at the Practice Excellence Awards 2017

Derby-based accountant recognised for its unique approach to combining customer service and online innovation including artificial intelligence.

Aiming higher: how to stay fresh in business
From Natwest
Aiming higher: how to stay fresh in business

Many SMEs launch with clear goals – but what happens when you actually get there? We speak to four owners who hit key milestones and found the energy to find new targets and keep aiming ever higher.

Accounting WEB - Practice Excellence Awards
From Accounting Web
The stories behind practice and software awards

The Brewery in The City of London saw countless dramas on Thursday night as AccountingWEB handed out 23 separate Practice Excellence and Software Excellence Awards.

What do software companies look for in an acquisition?
From Accounting Web
What do software companies look for in an acquisition?

Sooraj Shah asks whether there are any key themes or trends that software companies are looking for in acquisitions – if they’re looking at all.

IR35 - IT Pro Portal
From IT Pro Portal
IR35, time for a rethink?

IR35 is the most hated legislation in the IT industry, more so since off-payroll working arrived in the public sector contracts. James Poyser, CEO of inniAccounts says change is inevitable in a time of austerity, but even so isn’t it time to get over it?

Innovation shortlist
From Accounting Web
Practice Excellence 2017: Innovative Firm shortlist

While the accountancy market is going through a period of unprecedented change, the big leaps forward seen by Practice Excellence judges over the past few years are harder to find now that more and more practices are doing similar things.

Pioneer shortlist
From Accounting Web
Practice Excellence 2017: Pioneer shortlist

Embracing technology and being a ‘cloud-first practice’ no longer constitutes the highest level of innovation or impact. Candidates for the 2017 Practice Excellence Pioneer shortlist had to go beyond cloud technology to demonstrate their impact on clients and influence on the wider profession.

Cash flow
A small business guide to getting your cash flow right

There’s no doubt that cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and the cornerstone of business growth. Without cash coming into your business it’s impossible to meet all of your financial obligations from paying your taxes, through suppliers, to employees and yourself.

From The Register
You need to assemble a crack AI team: Where do you even start?

AI is finding its way into every day business and government. The idea of AI is not a new, but what is different is that today's hardware and software is bringing the various concepts underpinning AI to a mass market.

From Accounting Web
Tech employees you should have in your arsenal

Technology is constantly changing, and so too are the skills needed to exploit it. However, it may be hard for accounting firms to determine exactly which technology and IT skills are needed within their businesses.

Accounting Web Cloud
From Accounting Web
Secrets of Practice Excellence 3: Cloud innovation

The third ACCA/AccountingWEB video previewing Practice Excellence Week in October examines how forward-looking accounting firms are building new kinds of services around cloud accounting.

From Accounting Web
Secrets of Practice Excellence 2: Digital marketing

In preparation for Practice Excellence Week in October, ACCA and AccountingWEB have collaborated on three videos highlighting the factors driving the evolution of forward-looking accounting firms. The second episode in the series covers digital market.

From Accounting Web
Secrets of Practice Excellence 1: Go Niche

In a joint collaboration laying the foundation for Practice Excellence Week in October, ACCA and AccountingWEB have produced a series of three videos highlighting the factors that are driving the evolution of forward-looking accounting firms.

From Accounting Web
In search of artificial accounting intelligence

The accounting software industry is buzzing with news and gossip about artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learning that partners can hurt you
From Minutehack
Learning The Hard Way That Partners Can Hurt You

Some ideas need a partner to get them off the ground. But picking the wrong one spells disaster. Here's one account of how a business owner got back in the saddle after a nightmare experience.

How we made it to a million
From Minutehack
Adventures In Pricing: Why Innovation Isn’t Just About Tech

Innovation isn’t just about technology, as James Poyser of inniAccounts discovered by accident. Here’s how he took a simple idea and developed a new approach to pricing.

From Minutehack
Build it and they won’t come

Quite possibly the worst piece of advice you can receive when you are gearing up for a launch - "build it and they will come". Marketing is a game of inches. James Poyser, co-founder of inniAccounts, shares his approach to finding and keeping loyal customers.

From Minutehack
The Case For Hiring Experienced, Senior Part-Timers

Tens of thousands of Brits have caught the triathlon bug, balancing family life with professional career and a sports hobby. Have these lifestyle changes altered the way senior professionals want to work? It turns out hiring senior experts part-time is a highly viable strategy to help your business grow, and James reveals why you may be missing a trick if you don't consider this option.

From v3
How is Brexit affecting the IT sector two months on?

So, two months on, what impact has the vote for Brexit had on the IT sector? Has an economic wobble and the prospect of restricted freedom of movement begun changing budgets and personnel strategy already? James Poyser, founder of accounting software firm inniAccounts, said prospects for the wider IT sector has got brighter.

From Contractor UK
Can I draw a salary even if I’m not trading?

We addressed a popular contractor's question on Contractor UK. Can you pay yourself a salary, claim expenses and withdraw dividends tax-free as a director even after your contract expires? Check what our accountant Greg advises.

From Guardian
The 10 steps to small business growth

Pricing and payments provide scope for creativity, beyond the core product or service. James Poyser, co-founder of online company inniAccounts introduced a sympathetic pricing plan that gives people the option to take a break from using its services, with nothing to pay.  

Buckingham Palace
From Small Business
How winning a Queen’s Award benefitted small businesses

We’ve worked relentlessly over the last ten years to shake up an old-fashioned industry, by putting innovation at the heart of our business. Here's how winning the Queen's Award has put inniAccounts in a stronger position.

bad weather
From Minutehack
Navigating Uncertain Times

The number of people deciding to change their lifestyle and become a contractor in the month following Brexit dropped by 11%. However, we’re now seeing it bounce back to pre-Brexit levels. There’s clearly some resilience and optimism.

From Contractor UK
Would renting a flat be a justifiable expense?

Should you rent a flat if your client's office is a distance away from home and driving takes more than an hour? Is it more economical to claim mileage instead for the whole 6 month contract? A ContractorUK's reader is questioning the reaction of HMRC in these circumstances. Find out the expert's view from our accountant Greg Timson.  

From IPSE magazine
A Business Idea Fit for the Queen

When marketing freelancer James Poyser co-founded inniAccounts in 2005 with brother, Matt, and friend, Dean Foster, he could never have believed that the venture would take him to Buckingham Palace 10 years later. So he was in a state of disbelief to learn in April that the company had received the coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

From Minutehack
Brexit: why uncertainty is worse than leaving or remaining

When it comes to a Brexit what do entrepreneurs fear more than a shrinking economy? Uncertainty, says James Poyser. Stability and certainty are not glamorous concepts. But, as entrepreneurs, when we head to the ballot boxes on Thursday we must take time to reflect on life without these seemingly mundane tenets.

From NatWest Content Live
Innovation on a shoestring

Different people generate new ideas in different ways – and sophisticated tools are not always essential. James Poyser, co-founder of online accountancy firm inniAccounts, says the firm uses “a very simple set of tools" to help bring the breakthrough moments. See what they are and how they won inniAccounts a Queen's Award for Innovation.

From Fresh Business Thinking
Is it time to give the Post-It note a virtual hug?

It’s the simplicity of the Post It, not the technology itself, that unlocks our thinking and captures the imagination in a way no other business tool can, and that’s why, innovators of Britain, I believe it’s time we gave the Post It a hug.

inniAccounts queen's award
From MinuteHack
How Post-It Notes Won Us A Queen’s Award for Innovation

How the humble Post It note facilitated inniAccounts' rise to a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

ContractorCalculator logo
From Contractor Calculator
Online contractor accounting officially mainstream following Queen’s Award win

Online contractor accountancy firm inniAccounts has been named as the winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation, marking a major step towards taking online contractor accounting into the mainstream.

the-telegraph logo
From The Telegraph
Red tape regulations you need to know

Dealing with constantly changing rules and regulations is a vital part of running a business. But is your company ready for the new changes? James, along with other small business owners discuss what the UK Government can do to reduce the burden of regulations and help small companies keep on top of red tape effectively.  

raconteur logo
From Raconteur
The Future of Work Report

Will robots replace people at work? This report explores workplaces of the future, including the impact of virtual reality and wearable technology, top business technology trends for 2016 and more. Our co-founder James shares views on the rise of the freelance economy and the benefits of employing a flexible workforce.  

From Contractor UK
ContractorUK Reader Awards 2015: the winners

We’re delighted to announce that inniAccounts has today been awarded “Best Contractor Accountant” in this year’s prestigious Contractor UK Reader Awards. We believe that this award recognises the dedication of every member of our team and we'll continue to put innovation, efficiency and personal service at the heart of inniAccounts in 2016.

From Minutehack
The Benefits Of Being ‘A Slightly Disruptive Force’

Being disruptive in school is considered naughty, but being disruptive in business is what everyone is trying to achieve. Disruptors stand a better than average chance of becoming entrepreneurs. James Poyser, co-founder here at inniAccounts, explains why being disruptive is key to building sustainable businesses.

freelancers co-working
From Raconteur
Demand for Freelancers Continues to Grow

Employing freelance staff can be a win-win for both employers and freelancers, but it must be managed carefully. Freelancers were always integral to the business model of inniAccounts. Here our co-founder James explains why business owners should take a strategic approach that incorporates all the benefits of a flexible workforce.

From Fresh Business Thinking
VAT from Scratch

If you’re a business owner, especially one just starting out, then understanding VAT can seem a little overwhelming. But it needn’t be and here James will help you demystify VAT, and explain why it’s often best practice to register your company for VAT.

recesion-proof your business
From Minutehack
How To Recession Proof Your Business

Can you recession proof your business? James Poyser, co-founder of inniAccounts, says you can - especially if you create a business plan capable of taking a few almighty knocks. Discover how to attract loyal clients who will stick around even when times get tough.  

cuk logo
From Contractor UK
How to offer a prompt payment discount?

Have you heard of prompt payment discounts when it comes to VAT? Find out if you can offer your clients this incentive and the tax implications that come with it. James explains how to evaluate if this is appropriate for your business and how to proceed in response to a popular contractor’s question on Contractor UK.

cuk logo
From Contractor UK
What if I can’t pay VAT and corporation tax?

Financial issues like this can endanger any director's future career as a contractor. We recommend prompt actions and dialog with HMRC before the debt situation goes beyond control. Find more about the implications of not paying corporation tax and the best steps to take in this situation.

cuk logo
From Contractor UK
HMRC’s latest payroll penalties start today

From today the taxman will issue automatic £100 penalties to each and every one-person business that fails to make monthly RTI submissions. How to ensure that your PAYE scheme is operating correctly and you're not falling under the eye of HMRC's automated revenue-raising machine?  

CBR logo
From Computer Business Review
CBR seeks inniAccounts’ opinion on Labour’s technology manifesto

This week we’ve been asked by Computer Business Review to comment on Labour’s technology manifesto pledges. As an online business, we welcome any commitment to a broadband infrastructure. Being online isn’t a differentiator anymore, it’s an entry criteria and imperative for the knowledge economy. Find out more in the full article on CBR.

From TechWeek Europe
General Election 2015: What Does The Technology Industry Want?

More support for scale-up businesses and fast broadband infrastructure are among the growth imperatives that high-tech companies like inniAccounts would pursue from the new government. Find out what else technology entrepreneurs need to be able to sustain the current levels of development and innovation.

From Minutehack
A Short Manifesto For ‘Scale-Up’ Businesses

Start-ups are all the rage right now, but what about the bracket of bigger SMEs between the fledglings and corporates? Scale-up businesses in Britain are facing the challenge of moving from organic growth on to a far more ambitious trajectory. Here James is putting forward his mini-manifesto on behalf of scale-up Britain.

nick clegg and david cameron
From Minutehack
Entrepreneurs Comment On A Surprise Election Result

Minutehack asked selected business leaders to comment on the post-election results and their expectations from the Conservative majority. Whilst the coalition has created a good environment for small businesses over the last five years, there’s more the next government can do. James Poyser, one of inniAccounts’ co-founders, shares his three requests for small businesses.

George Osbourne
From Minutehack
What Is The Future For Entrepreneurs Under The Tories?

Today the doors of parliament opened and welcomed in a majority Conservative government. Over the last few weeks James has been reflecting on what the new Tory government really means for the small businesses that inniAccounts serve. Read more in the full article on Minutehack.

james poyser
From Chartered Management Institute
Disruptive influence: How James Poyser of inniAccounts proved establishment wrong

As a new breed of accountancy firm, inniAccounts provoked the curiosity of the Chartered Management Institute. They were eager to discover what it takes to lead an innovative fintech venture to success. In this interview our co-founder James tells about his management style, his business hero and how he faced down the doubters - and won.

Build a business in 8 chapters
From Minutehack
How To Build A Business In Eight Chapters

Ten years ago a team of ambitious entrepreneurs combined talent and passion to start inniAccounts. This month James Poyser, one of its co-fouders, tells the success story of a modern technology company. If he was to write a book today on setting up a business from scratch, these would be his eight chapters.

Enterprise Nation logo
From Enterprise Nation
Summer Budget 2015 – James joins the Enterprise Nation’s expert panel

Enterprise Nation is inviting small business owners and entrepreneurs to comment in the budget announcement in real-time. James will be part of Enterprise Nation’s expert panel today– join him live at 12:30pm discussing the impact of the 2015 Summer Budget on small businesses.

From Fresh Business Thinking
A Guide to Putting Down Roots

Did your business start from your home desk or the kitchen table? Ours did, and now, 10 years later it enjoys a spectacular growth away from the confines of our founders’ homes. In this post we explain how to go through that transition easily and put down roots sooner rather than later.

pound coins
From 24N.Biz
Business And Technology Sectors React To Summer Budget 2015

Apprenticeships are one of the popular topics in the Chancellor’s 2015 Summer Budget. asked small business and technology owners for their reaction to the reforms. Here’re our Sales and Marketing Director James Poyser’s views in the press.

cuk logo
From Contractor UK
Capital Gains Tax – a timely guide for contractors

Capital Gains Tax is frequently overlooked, so our accountant Chris Deakin sheds light on it for ContractorUK. Its original aim was to prevent tax avoidance in the form of people switching their income into capital. Find out about the likely upcoming changes to CGT, the tax-free allowance and when you may be exempt.

signing a contract
From Jobsite UK
To contract, or not to contract?

Jobsite takes a look at fixed-term contracts as an alternative to full-time employment. As a business supporting contractors, consultants and small businesses, inniAccouns shares the positives of running your own business. Find all the pros and cons of contracting, such as flexibility, independence and focus on your own strengths in the full post on JobSiteUK.

George Osbourbe
From IT Pro
Budget 2015: Lots for business, little for tech

The Chancellor George Osborne announced that the budget will boost apprenticeships - a reform much welcomed at inniAccounts. In this article small business leaders expresses their opinions on this year's budget reforms. See James' views on the apprenticeships reform, and many more comments in the full post.

annecto uk logo
From Annecto
Summer Budget 2015: SME Reaction To The National Living Wage

In response to George Osborne's budget the UK website Annecto looked at how the National Living Wage will affect SMEs. See how small business owners think they'll be affected by the drop in Corporation Tax, the new Employment Allowance and the National Living Wage.

From Fresh Business Thinking
Head for the Clouds

As your company grows it requires more support and advice from your accountant. That's why choosing an accountancy service that fits your business needs now and in future is an important decision. Our co-founder James explains the eight steps of selecting a cloud accountancy service that helps you manage your business, and not just your finances.

the great Chinese wall
From Minutehack
Five Chinese Proverbs To Help You Run Your Business Better

Living in China can be fascinating and also can teach you some valuable lessons in business. Our director James spent two years in Beijing during which inniAccounts was born. What does it take to run a successful business from a distance and how to do it best - see his views summed in five Chinese proverbs.

From Fresh Business Thinking
VAT from Scratch

If you’re a business owner, especially one just starting out, then understanding VAT can seem a little overwhelming - but it needn’t be. This article will help to demystify VAT, and explain why it’s often best practice to register your company for VAT. Read on and find out which path is right for your business.

From London Loves Business
16 tech trends that are set to be huge in 2016

London Loves Business asked business owners what the biggest tech trends of 2016 will be. Here're 16 of them, and our contribution at number 12, commenting on the potential of combining big data and AI to solve real-life problems.

From The Guardian
Marketing and PR 2015-16 competition entry: inniAccounts

We're extremely pleased to announce that we've once again been featured in the Guardian's Small Business Showcase. This year we stood out in the Small Business Showcase with our thought leadership PR programme. Check out how this is keeping us head and shoulders above other accountants.

cuk logo
From Contractor UK
Bitcoin – a contractor’s guide for tax purposes

Interest in Bitcoin has shot up since the virtual currency’s inception in 2009, and many contractors are considering how it could play a part in their business. While Bitcoin only exists in a virtual electronic form, James explores how you should treat your Bitcoin transactions for tax purposes.

contract eye
From Contract Eye
Do I need to inform HMRC if I pay my wife a small salary via my company?

A Contract Eye reader asks if he needs to inform HMRC if he wants to pay his wife a small salary for ‘administrative’ work done for his company. Here's how James Poyser of inniAccounts answers his question.

ContractorCalculator logo
From ContractorCalculator
Online contractor accountancy increasingly mainstream, fuelled by new contractors

Online contractor accountancy has moved beyond tech contractor first adopters firmly into the mainstream. A steady stream of new contractors over the last 12 months, with fresh expectations, has helped to fuel the increase in online users. Our co-founder James Poyser explains why contractors choose an online cloud-based service over ‘traditional’ accountant.

cuk logo
From Contractor UK
No more hiding! Are you ready for RTI?

Real Time Information reporting to HMRC is a requirement for the majority of businesses from 6th April 2013. It’s been interesting to be involved in the debates and developments around the preparation for RTI. Here’s a recent article we wrote for Contractor UK about the upcoming RTI changes and how they impact contractors.