Client Satisfaction

Delivering excellent customer service is a core value here at inniAccounts. Our unique satisfaction survey ensures that we continue deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Every three months for the last two years each of our clients has been invited to provide their feedback to the team, anonymously. Our clients are asked to rate ten different aspects of our service and application – ranging from timeliness and knowledgeability through to app features and ease of use. In addition, clients can also share any service highlights and suggest enhancements. We also have a private discussion website which allows clients to suggest, preview and provide feedback on upcoming application enhancements.

All client feedback is collated and reviewed by the entire inniAccounts team, including our accountants and account managers, our developers and the management team. By reviewing satisfaction on an ongoing basis our team can be confident that they’re delivering the best possible service to our clients. We can address any shortcomings before they become an issue, and we can ensure that we continue to deliver app enhancements that better serve the needs of our clients.

Client Satisfaction

Last 25 results Last updated 15th December 2017



Recent feedback

“Bookkeeping is easy to do. And there is a mass amount of information available at hand if I have any questions.”

“I continue to enjoy using inni to manage our accounts and it’s combination of ease of use and features are very satisfying. I particularly appreciate the Live Cash feature on the dashboard, which helps me decide regarding dividend payments month to month.”

“The system is comprehensive and always works.”

“The best part of working with inniAccounts is using the software to manage invoices and payments. Also, being able to view the financial state of my business and breakdown of revenue and expenses.”

“Very friendly, helpful and professional.”

“Being able to quickly see the current state of my business accounts and to have automatic reminders for payments.”

“Any question I have is answered quickly and professionally and I don’t have to email a spreadsheet to anybody.”

“Making accounts stress free.”

“Attention to detail and willingness to help from your team. I always have 100% confidence in my questions being answered quickly and knowledgeably.”

“The formation of my company through to the issuing of my first invoice has been very painless and stress-free.”

“Everything has been good so far. Ease of use and no upfront fee has been the best features so far.”

“The software provides comprehensive functionality and is extremely easy to use. The service provided by my account manager is helpful, professional and friendly.”

“Receiving helpful advice. Very much appreciated as setting up a new company does seem quite involved.”

“There has been a lot of peace of mind knowing you are there to support me and I love your software – great interface. I have been updated all the way through my startup and I would definitely recommend you to others. Thank you.”

“I can relax about my company finances as I can be confident they’re correct.”

“Being able to work at a time to suit me any hour of the day or night. I like the prompt that items are due or ready. It’s very reassuring when your eye is focusing on the business not the admin side.”

“My account manager has been really helpful. As a new contractor I have really appreciated all the time they’ve taken to answer my questions and direct me to more information I can read as and when I need it. A really first class service, especially as I say, for someone to whom this is all entirely new.”

“Whatever they commit they do it with utmost professionalism.”

“The software is very intuitive and the people behind it very helpful and knowledgeable to the point that I can get on with doing the work that matters to me.”

“The best about working with you is being able to phone up and speak to my account manager who is able to deal with my requests quickly and efficiently as they know my account.”

“inniAccounts allowed me to concentrate on my work activities instead of accountancy issues that I have little knowledge of.”

“An excellent service, very easy to use and providing all the information I need with no worries about accuracy.”

“You make things very easy.”

“The availability of software is impressive.”

“I feel the accounting system and the way you do business have helped me to get a better picture of where I am with my business finances. I was used to a spreadsheet-based system and evidently didn’t really understand the finer points, and also found it hard to see the overall situation (e.g. “how much actual cash do I have?” or “how much can I raise as dividends?” etc.) were harder questions in the past, but not now. Thanks for the help getting set up, too. “

“Best things about the service are the ease and speed of use, its very convenient as it doesn’t take much of my time in a very busy schedule.”