14 motivational songs to get you working


For those dreary mornings when you can’t wake up and the afternoons when the clocks stopped ticking – we all know the power of a good song to boost your productivity. We asked our team to share their favourite ‘go get um’ tracks with us. Turns out our taste’s fairly eclectic (and just a bit cheesy). Here’s a mix of the top fourteen to beat off those sluggish blues and keep you sharp and focused.

‘So many to choose from! Generally speaking, for me it’s anything with a good rhythm from electric/bass guitar and drums. Most songs from AC/DC are good! Anything with a good beat that isn’t too distracting.’
– Ben, Software Developer from the land of ice and snow

‘Well, it’s gotta be Eye of the Tiger hasn’t it.’
– Andy, never give up, Tech Guru

‘When I really need to plug in, block out the rest of the world and focus – it has to be a bit of synth-pop. The Pet Shop Boys are my all-time guilty pleasure. So, if I look like I’m seriously concentrating that’ll be who I’m listening to.’
– Kait, Copywriter with a lil’ respect

‘I’m gonna have to go with C’est la vie by B*Witched – the river dance section gets me in the mood for anything. Money, Money, Money – for obvious reasons and of course the anthem for every Monday!’
– Jess, 6 o’clock already?, Team Manager

‘A bit of Bare Naked Ladies or Fleetwood Mac to get me bopping in my seat, my feet tapping and thinking about things in a slightly different way’.
– Breaking the chain, Laura, CX Coordinator

‘This song always gets me motivated for work or just before the gym’.
– Hi, my name is… Henry, Accountant

‘Anything that resonates, energises and gets the adrenaline in my veins. And of course, some daft punk – every track motivates.’
– Lose yourself to dance, Matt Poyser, Director of Customer Experience