Coaching with inniAccounts


As a professional coach, we understand that your way of working requires flexibility, creativity and outside the box thinking. So why shouldn’t your accountants be the same? Take a look at how we’re specifically tailored to help coaches get the most from their limited company.

Keeping track of your finances needn’t be fiddly or time-consuming. We understand that an accountancy service needs to be accessible, flexible and hassle-free. By combining innovative software and fast, personal service we’ve created a solution that makes managing your accounts easier and quicker than ever.

As you’d expect from an accountancy service, our expert team will take care of filing your accounts and returns, including VAT, Corporation Tax and your year-end accounts. But here’s a look at what really sets us apart as the perfect accounting solution for coaches.

A partner that understands you

You’ve made the decision to change the way you work, and as former independent professionals, we get it. Every aspect of our service has been designed with this in mind. Our aim is to support our clients in getting the most from their company. Whether it’s maximising your earnings, taking regular time off or funding a new venture; we’re here to help you effortlessly achieve your goals.

You won’t find any jargon and accounting-speak here – just intuitive, thoughtful features and personalised service to make managing your finances as straightforward as possible.

Expert support at your fingertips

Whether you’re starting up for the first time or an old hand, our team of accountants and dedicated account managers are on hand to answer any questions; no matter how big or small or how often you need us. There’s no appointments, travel or hassle – just expert advice so you can confidently make decisions.

We also have a Knowledge Hub of specialist articles, available 24/7 on any device, which provide a huge amount of guidance and expertise.

Don’t just take our word for it. Have a look at what our clients are saying about us.

Award-winning Software

With inniAccounts you can track your accounts and taxes in real-time and all in one place. No guesswork, spreadsheets or crumpled receipts; just a live picture of your accounts and taxes. Our online software and mobile app let you stay ahead of your finances whenever you need to, wherever you are.

With built-in tax and time-saving features – we’ve got you covered.

Fancy a test drive? Give our software a whirl with a free demo.

Constant innovation

We know that the simpler managing your accounts is, the sooner you get back to doing what you do best. That’s why innovation is at the heart of everything we do. From AI to live tax forecasts; we’re constantly developing and improving how we work based on your needs and feedback.

We have the best minds on the case to give you the best experience.

Top 3 Features for Coaches

Go paperless knowing your receipts are safely stored
Are you cramming your wallet full with crumpled receipts while out visiting clients? With our software, you can easily capture electronic copies of your receipts on the go using your smartphone.

Personalised invoices in seconds
With inniAccounts you can design personalised and professional invoices for your clients in seconds – you can also accept card payments for your invoices directly through our website.

A real, live view of your cash 24/7
Our unique LiveCash system shows you exactly how much physical cash you have to spend right at this moment. So you can stay on top of your upcoming bills, drill into the details of your income and expenditure and even customise the way you view your accounts to see what you want to see, the way you want to see it. Simply login from any device.

The inni way

Whether you’re just starting up, stepping into a new sideline or a long time coach, we understand that your work is constantly evolving and changing. With innovative software and clear advice from our friendly experts, we ensure all our clients can effortlessly manage their accounts with confidence; no matter what they’re working on, where they are or who they’re working with. Everything we do has one goal in mind – to help you master your goals and objectives.