In the news: To contract, or not to contract?

Jobsite takes a look at fixed-term contracts as an alternative to full-time employment. As a business supporting contractors, consultants and small businesses, inniAccouns shares the positives of running your own business. 

Some contracts open doors for you to earn more, make valuable professional contacts or improve your skill set and experience. Fixed term contracts are an attractive alternative to unemployment and contract rates might even be higher than the ongoing rate. Being a contractor gives you access to lucrative projects or specific clients not easily reachable otherwise. Through contracting you will also expand your network and gain rare experience to maximise your future employability.


James Poyser, co-founder of inniAccounts, highlights these and other benefits of contracting, such as flexibility, independence and focus on your own strengths. Find all the pros and cons of contracting in the full post on JobSiteUK.