In the news: Head for the Clouds

Choosing an accountancy service that fits your business needs now and in future is an important decision. In his latest article for Fresh business thinking our co-founder James explains how cloud accounting can help you manage your business, and not just your finances.

As your company grows it requires more support and advice from your accountant. fresh business thinking logo Select your supplier wisely and consider how your business relationship can affect your changing circumstances. In this post James talks you through eight important factors to consider before nominating an accountancy service for your company.

You need a trusted advisor for everything from the technical day-to-day support, to advanced business planning. Test their credentials and make sure their business model fits yours. Evaluate if your accountant saves you time and headaches, and put them to the test. Exploring their trials can give your a good idea of what you can expect form the real service.

Find out more about choosing the best fit for your business – read the full article on Fresh business thinking.