Optimise your limited company tax bills with our new book

tax optimisation

As an experienced contractor or consultant you’ve probably mastered the day to day management of your company and you’re looking for more. Today we invite you to take the next step – optimise your taxes.

Our next book in our limited company series is here to show you how to maximise the tax efficiencies your company has to offer. You’ll learn expert hints and tips on paying the right amount of tax and keeping more of your hard earned cash in your pocket.

We’ll run through everything from good expense management techniques through to the more unusual ways to ensure your limited company tax liabilities are cut down to size. Explore some common sense ideas that you can apply straight away, such as claiming for all your business expenses and maximising the opportunities regarding pension and childcare entitlements. You can start saving on your tax bill from today!

Download your free copy below, or get it directly on Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords. Remember to spread your tax know-how and forward it to your colleagues too.

Minimise your tax bills. Download your free book

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Optimise your taxes with our free book