In the news: “Brexit”: An uncertainty that has divided the nation

Britain is divided on the potential exit from the EU, which will be decided by the end of 2017. Think Big Grow Fast interviewed business leaders, including James from inniAccounts, asking them to share their views on business of an EU independent nation.

Europhiles and sceptics paint a controversial picture of Britain outside the European Union. Supporters of EU believe in the stability the union provides for small businesses and its importance for economic growth.

SAP-BrexitOpponents, on the other hand, see prosperity in a nation free of restrictions and “membership burdens”. Both parties however unite around the view for necessary reforms despite the ultimate decision.

Our co-founder James Poyser reflects on how the potential EU exit would impact SMEs’ access to new contracts and markets, as well as the necessary policy reforms. Read the full article on Think Big Grow Fast.