Launching today: in-app file storage

We’re excited to announce that today sees the launch of our in-app file store. Over the coming months we’ll be migrating all of your key company documents in to our cloud-based file store. This means you’ll be able to access important documents, such as registration certificates and year end accounts, securely, 24×7 without having to search through emails or files on your hard drive.

You can access your file store by clicking on the new ‘files’ icon on the top navigation bar. Here you’ll be presented with a list of files that your account manager and accountant have shared with you. You’re then just a click away from downloading the file, or sending it to Google Docs or even to your Dropbox account:

Download and share files

Currently your account manager and accountant will manage and share the files contained in your file store. However, later this year we will be adding features to allow you to upload your own files to store in the cloud.