How to come up with a quirky name for your new business

Wok&Go is an experiential quirky name

Descriptive names, practical names, experiential names… they all have a purpose when naming a company. But what catches people’s attention the most is quirky names!

Here’s a quick checklist of the best practices used by businesses when choosing a company name, followed by our top five categories of the best catchy names we’ve found around the world!

The most common sources for company names include:

  • Product ingredients: Coca-Cola
  • Founder’s name: Ford, Mercedes-Benz
  • Mix of two names: Debian, Adidas
  • Mix of two words: Intel, Microsoft, Vodaphone, Verizon, Compaq
  • Acronyms: SUN
  • Invented words: Skype
  • Emotional & evocative: Apple, Virgin
  • Latin and other origins: Acer, Lego, Konica, Reebok
  • Greek and Roman gods: Asus, Nike, Oracle, Pandora
  • Characters: Starbucks, Yahoo
  • Cities, rivers, peaks: Cisco, Nokia, Adobe, Amazon, Fuji
  • Locations: Carrefour

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Just for fun: top five sources of quirky company names

If you’re a music and movie fan, why not turn your new start-up’s name into a memorable phrase?


  • Florist Gump
  • Floral & Hardy
  • The Cod Father
  • Thai Tanic
  • Pita Pan
  • Indiana Bones Temple of Groom
  • Lawn and Order
  • The Merchant of Tennis
  • Specs in the City


  • Spruce Springsteen
  • Amy’s Winehouse
  • Chipsy King


  • Jason Donervan
  • Dolce & Banana

Use rhyme in your name to make it sound extra fun:

  • KAbra KeBabRa
  • Wok and Roll

Feeling hungry? Discover even more quirky finds from our Pinterest collection.

Well known phrases

  • Meat you there
  • Life’s a Cabernet
  • Wooden It be lovely
  • Ink about it
  • It’s unbeweaveable

Join our Facebook quiz and tell us the quirkiest company names you’ve come across. Or check out our Quirky Name board with a compilation of the most eccentric entries to inspire your new company start-up.

Finally, we’ve wrapped it all for you in This Video. Discover how the world’s most famous brands named their businesses and find the perfect name for yours!

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