You’re now entering RTI nirvana


We’re now half way through April – the first month where all businesses are required to submit PAYE details to HMRC electronically, via RTI. Here at inniHQ it’s proving to be a fulfilling experience.

Our recently launched automated payroll feature takes care of the heavy RTI lifting: it automatically issues our clients’ payslips each month, and sends a copy directly to HMRC, electronically. This means our clients can relax – every month our app will create their payslips, repay any expenses, make the correct tax and National Insurance deductions and file the payslip compliantly via RTI.

As of today, around a third of our clients have processed April’s payroll (the final two thirds will be paying themselves from 28th onwards), and we’re really happy to report that everything has run extremely smoothly – HMRC’s systems are gleefully accepting the payslips we’re sending. Whilst we’ve always (naturally!) been confident about our software meeting HMRC’s spec, there’s been a lot of hearsay about HMRC’s internal implementation of RTI and their capacity to handle millions of payslips being submitted each month. We’re glad to report that so far things have been a breeze: when our app submits the payslips it gets a positive response back from HMRC in a matter of seconds. Our app does however send the payslips in the early hours of the morning: it wouldn’t surprise me if things run a little slower on the final Friday afternoon of the month…

It sounds like a few businesses (and some of our competitors) have come unstuck due to data quality issues – e.g. incorrect PAYE scheme numbers, National Insurance numbers, etc. We took the decision to validate our clients’ details some months ago, meaning that so far we’ve not had a huge issue with data quality. We’ve had one case of an incorrect NI number supplied by a client, but a quick phone call soon resolved this and the RTI submission was accepted.

For us, as accountants, this is one of the key benefits of RTI: if the data’s bad you find out instantly and have the opportunity to resolve the problem quickly before it becomes an issue. As details people this is inherently satisfying: we’re sitting in inniHQ with a zen-like fulfilment which comes from holding complete and validated PAYE data for all of clients. Welcome to RTI nirvana.