Help us build a better inniAccounts

I’m excited to announce that we’re starting a program of work to build the next major release of inniAccounts.

Over the last few months we’ve asked for your feedback and ideas via our satisfaction survey. We’ve been blown away by your enthusiasm and we now want to turn your ideas into real improvements, including:

  • Delivering a clearer and quicker user experience
  • Reducing the time required for bookkeeping
  • Improving and personalising invoicing
  • Creating interactive tools for tax planning
  • Storing files online, securely

I’d like to gather together a small group of clients to shape the development in more detail. I’d really like to hear your ideas and feedback on the experience of these features.

By choosing to get involved you’ll get access to a private website where you can view, discuss and shape these new features at every stage of development. We’ll also be setting up a test server to allow you to try these new features in the flesh, before we launch them.

If you’d like to be involved in this exciting project please contact your account manager.